Easy Access: A Guide to Above Ground Pool Ladders

Pool ladder

Before guiding you through finding the best Above Ground P​​ool Ladder for your needs, you must ask the question: Why do we even need a ladder in the pool? While it might be possible to climb out of you​​​​r pool without one, you definitely need some serious muscle to do so. However, installing a ladder in your above ground swimming pool is more about safety than anything, and the ladder is there to effectively and safely get you in and out of the pool.  

To meet the broad range of available ground pool designs, the ladders come in a variety of heights and types. With so many types to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed when shopping for a pool ladder. But don't worry- In this post, I will guide you through the key factors to consider when buying an above ground pool ladder, the different types of ladders to choose from, and at the end, we will tackle how to install and maintain your ladder.

What Are The Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Above Ground Pool Ladder? 

When choosing an above ground pool ladder, there are a few key factors to consider,  like weight, capacity, material, durability, and safety features. This may sound like a lot, but don't worry, I will break it down for you.

How Heavy Is It?

When choosing an above ground pool ladder, make sure it’s heavy enough to stand solid in the water, but light enough that you’ll be able to remove it without injuring yourself. 

How Much Weight Capacity Can It Handle?

Most pool ladders come with information such as its dimensions and weight capacity for their steps, so make sure it’s more than enough for your needs.

What Material Do I Want My Ladder to Be Made Of?

Most above ground pool ladders are usually made from ether steel, plastic resin or Aluminium. Ladders can also consist of compilation of one or two of them. Variations in material can make a difference between a long lasting ladder and a short lasting one. 


If you like a heavier frame, steel is the material for you, however it is usually more expensive and difficult to maintain unless you are going with stainless steel. 

Plastic Resin

If you are looking for a low maintenance ladder, plastic resin is weather resistant and easy to clean.


It’s not as strong as steel, but more stable than plastic resin. Aluminium resists rust, however, you will still have to clean the parts that are exposed to air. 

Should I Go With Durable Ladders?

It’s tempting to go for a cheaper ladder just because it feels easier on your wallet, however, if you are thinking long term when choosing a ladder, you should consider the expenses both now and down the line. Get a durable ladder, and I guarantee it will save you both time and money from having to get replacements.

What Are The Safety Features to Consider?

Make sure to research the safety features of your potential ladder. Pool ladders usually have safety features like handles that make it easy and safe to get in and out of your pool, and grips which prevent swimmers from sliding while entering or exiting the pool. Some ladders even have lockable entry stairs to stop unauthorised access to the pool. 

What Types Of Above Ground Pool Ladders Are There?

Now that you know what factors to consider when buying your above ground pool ladder, it’s time to look at the different types of ladders to choose from. Luckily Stern’s pools offer a large range of the best types of above ground steps and ladders on the market! Let's break them down.

Spacesaver Step 

The Spacesaver Step (AKA wedding Cake Steps) is designed for inground pools or pools with a decked surround. Its large stainless steel handrails make getting in and out of your pool an easy job. The Spacesaver Step also creates an island where you can sit and relax if you want, however it can take up a lot of space. Its heavy duty mouldings support users up to 140kg, and if this was not enough- a stainless steel deck mount is included in the price! How great is that?

Spacesaver Step for above ground pools

Narrow Step

Supporting users up to 180 kg, the Narrow Step is made from all plastic, and its narrow frame allows for more space in the pool than the Spacesaver Step.

Narrow Step for above ground pools


If you have an Above ground pool with a deck and you prefer more step space- the “spacesaver Step” or “Narrow Step” are the ladders I recommend for you. 

A-Frame Ladder

With its height adjustable legs, the A-Frame ladder ensures A level entry into the pool. This ladder consists of a plastic frame, and the strong structural construction of the ladder supports users up to 120kg. The lockable entry stairs is also a big plus, as it prevents unauthorised access to your pool from let's say-unattended kids. As if the ladder was not great already- this ladder comes with extra high handles to provide comfortable and stable access in and out of the pool. 

 A-Frame Ladder for above ground pools

If you have an above ground pool without a deck, the A-Frame Ladder is the ladder for you.

In-Deck Ladder

These extra high, extra strong stainless steel climb rails allow the user to have stable hand placement and more support. It also adjusts to virtually any pool or deck height. It supports users up to 110kg. It is easily secured to the deck. Included in the price you also get a plastic deck mount- how great is that?

 In-deck Ladder for above ground pools


Stainless Steel Deck Ladder

This ladder offers rigid stability and is a stylish design for both commercial and residential pools. The ladder rests against the side of the pool, and includes rubber feet for reinforced and slip-resistant steps. And you even get a deck anchor kit included!  

Stainless steel deck for above ground pools

If you have an Above ground pool with a deck and you prefer stainless steel and more space in your pool, the “In-deck ladder” or ”Stainless Steel Deck Ladder” is the ladder for you.​​

Installation, Adjustment and Maintenance

Now that you have a good overview of the different types of above ground pool ladders (and you might even know which ladder is the right fit for you), you probably want to know how to install, adjust and maintain your pool ladder. While it is important to know that all pool ladders are different, we tend to see that the same tips work for most ladders. Here are our recommendations:

  • Read the manual that comes with the ladder carefully before you start adjusting and installing it.
  • For maintenance, rinse your ladder with fresh water and mild soap regularly unless advised otherwise.
  • Bonus tips: For free standing ladders- place plastic sandbags on the bottom ring of the ladder to prevent the ladder from lifting up when you step on it. 

The more you know! 

So there you have it! We have now tackled the key factors to consider when buying an above ground pool ladder, the different types of ladders to choose from, and how to install and maintain your ladder. Hopefully you found this guide helpful, and if you want to know more contact us and one our team will be happy to help!