Pool Ladders and Steps

In the realm of summer, a swimming pool plays the role of what an open fire does in winter! It's the ingredient that transforms the season into something special, fostering family togetherness. A space where children frolic and play, and parents unwind, allowing the stresses of the world to gently float away.

Australia is fortunate to bask in hot and lengthy summers. It's no surprise that the backyard pool has evolved into an integral part of our culture—a time-honored tradition passionately championed by Stern's for over four decades. We firmly believe that every Australian family deserves delightful days centered around their personal pool.

That's why we meticulously design and construct both above-ground and in-ground pools, catering to every garden size and budget. For the cost of a family holiday, we can assist in transforming your backyard into a resort—a haven you can escape to every day of the week, absolutely free! No need to venture far; just stay put and explore the possibilities within the pages of this brochure!

Explore our range of Stern's pool ladders and steps, designed for in-ground and above ground pools. Whether you seek convenient access, a relaxing spot, or sturdy support for safe entry and exit, we have the perfect solution for your pool environment. Our range features options that accommodate children, suit various budgets, are easy to install, and require minimal cleaning. Elevate your pool experience with our high-quality pool ladders and steps.

Spacesaver Steps also called Wedding Cake Pool Steps

Spacesaver Steps (Wedding Cake Pool Steps)

Designed for inground pools or above ground pools with a decked surround

  • Large stainless steel hand rails make getting in and out of your pool easy
  • Creates an island where you can sit and relax
  • Heavy duty moulding supports users up to 140kg
  • Stainless steel deck mount included.

Product code: 300300
Weight Limit: 140kgs
Steps: 4
Height: 1080mm
Width: 1100mm
Depth into pool: 1240mm

Narrow Pool Step

  • All plastic pool steps
  • Narrow frame: allows for more space in pool
  • Supports users up to 180kg

Product code: 300100
Weight Limit: 180kgs
Steps: 4Height: 1180mm
Width: 700mm
Depth into pool: 850mm

A-Frame Pool Ladder

  • Ideal above ground pool ladders
  • Plastic Frame
  • Height adjustable legs ensure a level entry into the pool
  • Lockable entry stairs to easily stop unauthorised access to your pool
  • Extra high handles provide safe, comfortable and stable access
  • Strong, durable structural construction supports users up to 120kg

Product code: 200330
Weight Limit: 120kgs
Depth into pool: 700mm
Steps: 6
Height: 1200-1400mm
Width: 560mm

In-Deck Pool Ladder

  • Extra high, extra strong stainless steel climb rails allow stable hand placement and more support adjusts to virtually any pool or deck height
  • Supports users up to 110kg
  • Easily secured to deck
  • Plastic deck mount included

Product code: 200310
Weight Limit: 110kgs
Steps: 4
Height: 1340mm
Width: 440
Depth into pool: 1340

Stainless Steel Deck Ladder

  • These pool ladders offer rigid stability and are a stylish design, suitable for both commercial and residential pools.
  • Rests against the side of the pool
  • Rubber feet included and deck anchor kit included

Product code: LDSK003
Weight Limit: 100kgs
Steps: 3
Height: 800mm
Width: 450mm