Stern's Above Ground Pool Liners

 Our Pool Liner Colours

Midnight BlueSky BlueJadePacific PebbleMarbleGrey Pebble

Pool Shape Types

Stern's liners can be fitted to any new pool or existing above ground pools including round, oval, keyhole or raindrop shapes. Many customers opt to replace their old pool liners to give their existing pool a new lease of life after many years of sun exposure, algae and general wear and tear.

A pool embodies summer much like an open fire defines winter! It's the essence of the season, creating a special bond within the family. Children come to frolic and play, while parents unwind, letting the worries of the world drift away.

Australia is fortunate with its hot and extended summers. Not surprisingly, the backyard pool has seamlessly woven into our culture—a time-honored tradition passionately endorsed by Stern's for over four decades. We advocate that every Australian family deserves joyful days spent around their personal pool.

Water Types

Our liners are suitable for use in both chlorinated and salt water pools.

Why Stern's Pool Liners?

Australian Made

Sterns are the only modular pool manufacturer in Australia to make all our liners in-house, ensuring the highest standards of workmanship and a perfect fit for every pool. Our liners are specially formulated to withstand the climate in Australia.


Our pool liners come with a 10 year limited warranty.


All of our liners are treated with UV inhibitors and special anti-bacterial applications which will:

  1. extend the life of the liner

  2. reduce the maintenance required for your pool

  3. enable you to spend more time enjoying the lifestyle that comes with owning a backyard pool.


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