How to get pollen out of pool - 7 ways to ensure your water stays fresh and clean

Pollen in a pool

Imagine waking up, ready to enjoy your pristine swimming pool, only to discover a yellowish tinge floating in the water—yes, it's pollen. Beyond your routine cleaning, dealing with pollen in your swimming pool, especially during spring and summer months, requires a few extra steps for pool owners. Fortunately, the process is straightforward and won't take up much of your time. In this blog post, we go through a few tips to get rid of the pollen problem.

Pollen or algae?

First of all, you should find out if it actually is pollen in your pool water or if it may just be algae, this can be difficult to distinguish. A great way to test this is to feel it. If it is slippery or slimy, then I'm sorry to say, but you probably have pollen in your pool. If it turns out just to be algae, there are some other treatments for this. Make sure you don't work unnecessarily!

Understanding the pollen problem

If your backyard boasts plants, flowers, or trees, pollen in your pool is inevitable. This happens both in ground and above ground swimming pools. It can even drift in from neighboring yards or farther away in strong wind. We understand that it can be hard to get rid of these pollen-causing plants, especially if it's a big old tree, but you can make the best out of it and don't put your flowers too close to your pool. Anticipate its arrival, as dealing with pollen is not a matter of if but when. An above-ground pool will of course make this problem a bit less impactful since it's not at ground level.

You should be aware that if you don't try to get rid of the pollen particles as soon as possible, these will obviously be harder to get rid of since they will settle on the pool frame.

pollen from trees in pool

Activate the filtration system

Your pool filter may not run constantly, but when faced with pollen, it becomes a great defense. While not a complete solution, running the pool's filtration system initially reduces the manual effort required for pollen removal. The increased energy bills are a worthy trade-off for minimizing the labor involved in scooping out pollen.

In some cases, the unsightly pollen particles can be too small to get caught in the filter, if you have this problem, you can use a sock for your pool's filtration system! This will keep the pollen from floating out in the pool again.

Get in the habit of skimming the water daily

Use a skimmer with a very fine mesh head every morning to collect the smaller particles. During peak pollen season, you might need to repeat this process multiple times a day. This is a cheap solution to remove pollen from your pool.

Add aluminum sulfate to your pool water

Some pollen particles are too minute even for a fine mesh skimmer and may slip through the filter. Combat this by adding aluminum sulfate to the water. This substance binds with pollen, causing it to clump together and fall down to the pool bottom, facilitating easier vacuum-up.

Shock the pool

While not a direct solution for the pollen problem, a pool shock treatment eliminates any organisms thriving in the pool due to the presence of pollen. Apply the shock in the evening, and the next morning, skim the pool to remove both pollen and any remaining debris. An effective and great way to clean your swimming pool quickly.

clean pool with a pink bath ring

Vacuum as necessary

When skimming and filtering fall short, manual vacuuming becomes necessary. Do this as a last resort, as it incurs additional electric and water bills. Vacuum the pool only if other methods aren't working properly.

Use a pool cover to prevent pollen accumulation

The best defense against the heavy pollen times is of course to get the pool covered. This reduces the risk of pollen from higher plants like trees, falling into your pool water. We understand that this can be an expensive investment, but totally worth it during the pollen season. A cover for your pool isn't only a shield from the pollen but for all of the other dust all year around. This will definitely make it easier to keep your pool clean, and making the cleaning process easier for the pool owner.


So, if you want a clean pristine pool during the pollen season, you should follow these effective tips.

In summary, tackling pollen in your pool involves simple yet effective steps. Identify if it's pollen or algae, acknowledge the inevitability of pollen in outdoor spaces, and take proactive measures (like an above ground pool). Activate the filtration system, skim daily with a fine mesh head, and use aluminum sulfate for smaller particles. Pool shock treatments and, if necessary, manual vacuuming are powerful tools. Investing in a pool cover during heavy pollen seasons provides a preventive shield. 

These practical tips empower pool owners to maintain a consistently clean and inviting pool, ensuring they can enjoy their oasis without undue hassle.