Safety tips for handling Swimming Pool Chemicals.

Swimming pool chemicals keep your pool clean and safe by controlling bacteria and algae however it is important to understand that in concentrated form, these chemicals can be dangerous. Pool chemicals can include chlorine (in either liquid or granulated state), pool acids and other stabilisation agents or pool detergents. When storing and handling pool chemicals, Fire & Rescue NSW recommends this simple safety checklist:

  1. Read the label before purchasing any chemical. Understand the correct use and the dangers posed by the chemical.
  2. Choose the least dangerous product that will do the job, especially if children are present.
  3. Lock chemicals in a cabinet out of the reach of children. Children are curious, inventive and good climbers.
  4. Seal chemicals in their original containers and clearly label all containers.
  5. Store away from other chemicals or substances including hydrocarbons (petrol, kerosene, oil etc.)
  6. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Handle with extreme caution.
  7. Ensure adequate ventilation.
  8. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and wear protective clothing: gloves, safety goggles, trousers and long-sleeved shirts etc.
  9. Stop using immediately if you notice: skin rash, headache, breathing problems, nausea, eye irritation, etc.
  10. Always add chemicals to the water. Never add water to the chemicals.
  11. Do not mix chemicals.
  12. Do not prepare more chemical than you need for the job.
  13. Do not pour chemicals down the drain, the toilet or the gutter.
  14. If you spill chemicals, follow the safety directions on the container label.
  15. Do not reuse empty containers or repack product in different containers.