What is a modular pool?

Sterns Pools Modular Pools

‘Modular’ is the technical term for what has often been called an ‘above-ground’ pool. But, these days, there’s a great deal more to it than that.

Our modular pools use a range of panels and components that can be configured to create pools of different sizes, shapes and depths.

This makes them extremely versatile, affordable and both quick and easy to install.

Our range extends from the simple to the sublime. Whatever your budget, whatever space available, you’ll find there’s a Stern’s pool that will be right for you.

Types Of Modular Pools

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools sit on level ground and can be installed very quickly and cost effectively. If you move home, they can even move with you!

Semi In-Ground Pools

These pools are perfect for uneven ground where both excavation and decking are necessary.

In-Ground Pools

These pools are can be decked and landscaped to achieve the look and feel of the most expensive concrete or fibreglass pools but at a fraction of the cost.

Modular Swimming Pools FAQ

Are modular pools cheaper?

Modular pools are cost-effective compared to in-ground pools. They use modular components for streamlined installation, reducing expenses. With above-ground and semi in-ground designs, no extensive excavation is needed, leading to more savings. Stern's modular pools offer budget-friendly options for those seeking swimming pool benefits without breaking the budget.

How long do modular pools last?

Sterns offers high-quality modular pools with a 10-year limited warranty. With proper maintenance, these swimming pools have the ability to last much longer than 10 years, providing a cost-effective and versatile option for your dream pool. Follow the guidelines for long-lasting enjoyment and family fun.