7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Above Ground Pool

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Above Ground Pool

1. Location 

Before purchasing an above ground pool, you’ll want to consider the area where you’ll be installing it. You’ll want to make sure the area is large enough for the pool you want and that it has the necessary access and utilities.

2. Sun exposure 

It’s also important to consider if you want to pool in a sunny or shaded area. If you prefer a shaded area, the pool won’t warm up as much from the sun and if it’s shaded by trees there will be more maintenance required to remove falling leaves. That being said, shade can be a good option if you want to protect yourself and your children from too much sun exposure. 

3. Ease of accessibility

Do you want your pool to be positioned in a quiet area of your property or near your house? Your pool's function and the kind of outdoor landscaping you prefer will determine whether you prefer to locate it close to a walkway to your home or an outdoor bathroom. 

4. Size 

You’ll also want to consider how big of a pool you want before purchasing. Is the pool for a large family, a couple? Do you tend to host many guests? You’ll want to make sure that the size of the pool is appropriate for its intended use, your yard and that it will fit in the space you’ve designated for it. 

5. Approvals

There are certain approvals that are required regardless of the kind of pool you construct, but they vary by state. A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or Development Application (DA) is required if the pool itself meets certain predetermined standards or if the scope of the work requires certain standards. A pool contractor can assist with submitting the required plans and paperwork to obtain the necessary certification, a process that can take between four and eight weeks. 

6. Materials 

Finally, you’ll want to consider the materials of the pool you want. There are a variety of materials used for above ground pools, like plastic, resin, aluminium and steel. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks, so make sure you do your research so you make the best choice for your needs!

7. Budget

The great thing about above ground pools is that there are no hidden costs and they tend to be relatively cheap compared to ground pools. As there is no excavation required. Therefore budgeting for a pool is an easy process, it just includes the cost of the kit, installation (around 48 - 72 hours) and accessories.