Your Guide To Choosing the Right Pool Accessories

a man swimming in a pool with pool accessories in his hand

Choosing the right accessories for your pool is sometimes as important as deciding on the shape and size.  And like anything, pre-planning should be done upfront to avoid costly mistakes and changes further down the line. 

Chlorination; filtration; pool liners; heating systems  - all affect the way in which a pool is costed constructed and built. Many a time, work grinds to a halt when matters such as these have not been agreed to upfront. upscale with the right elements.

Stern’s Pools Range of Pool Accessories

At Stern Pools, we have a wide range of pool accessories for you to choose from be it for an above ground pool, semi inground pool or inground pool.

And with a little advice from our professional team - in your pre-planning stage -  as to what’s best suited to your type of pool, we can minimize any problems you may encounter once construction is underway.

From pool liners to pool blankets to pool ladders, we carry a wide range of pool accessories, suited to all Stern’s manufactured pools as well as to a range of other Australian supplied pools.

Stern’s Pool Liners

Created for both durability and aesthetic appeal, our 0.5mm heavy duty pool liners are designed using the most durable materials to maximize the life of your pool whilst at the same time providing a beautiful finish.

Stern’s liners can be fitted to any new or existing above ground pool including round, oval, keyhole or raindrop shapes and come in a variety of colours.

All are treated with UV inhibitors and special antibacterial applications which help to

  • Extend the life of the liner
  • Make them suitable for use in both chlorinated and salt water pools
  • Reduce the maintenance required for your pool
  • Enable you to spend more time enjoying the lifestyle that comes with owning a backyard pool

Being the only modular pool manufacturer in Australia to make liners in-house, ensures the highest standards of workmanship as well as a guaranteed perfect fit for every pool.
In fact, so sure are we of our quality of our pool liners, each comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Stern’s Pool Ladders

Whether stepping in or out of the pool, we have a range of pool ladders suitable for all makes of above or inground pools with decking.

From indeck ladders that adjust to virtually any pool or deck height, to A-frame ladders, to wedding cake step ladders designed for relaxing and sitting all our ladders make getting in and out of the water child’s play.
We do however advise that you speak to a consultant for expert advice on the right ladder for your needs 

Stern’s Pool Cleaners 

Whatever the shape or size of pool, we have a range of styles and models incorporating the latest in automatic cleaning technology to get your pool looking sparkling clean. Gone are the days of manual cleaning (although we have pool brushes for that too!). Now you can get smart with one of our pre-programmed robotic cleaners to take over the mundane task of sweeping and skimming, allowing to relax and enjoy your pool even more!

Choose from the pool care - the most efficient in pre-programmed steering cleaners; the Dolphin e10 Robotic Cleaner - the latest in revolution cleaning technology where 4WD propulsion ensures navigation around the most difficult pools or the  environmentally friendly Dolphic e10 Robotic Cleaner which utilizes aquasmart software to clean and scrub the floor of almost any size and shape residential pool in no time at all

Whatever your choice, you can be rest assured that you will find an automatic pool cleaner to suit your specific needs and budget.

Stern’s Pool Filters

Pool filtration is one of the invisible workers - hidden away and doing whatever is necessary to keep your pool looking sparking clean. Without filtration, your pool would remain dirty and unsanitized, certainly not a show piece for your guests at a summer bbq! Filtration is necessary to remove sediment build up caused by insoluble particles to keep your pool hygienically clean and safe.

Choosing the filter suited to your pool type is best discussed with one of our consultants. These include the following types:

  • High Rate Sand Filter. This is the most commonly used pool filter and requires periodic backwashing. Not all pools have the ease from which to discharge the dirty water into a sewer gully.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (De) Filter. This type of filtration allows for superior cleansing of the water due to the super fine powder used in the filtration process. As with the High Rate Sand Filter, this type of filter also needs backwashing.
  • Cartridge Filter. An in-between filter to the above two, this filtration system is best suited to pools where there is no provision for backwashing. Cleansing of the filter is generally done through the washing of the cartridge filter with a hosepipe

Stern’s AquaFun Pool Toys

It would be amiss of us not to mention the wide range of pool toys which make up the final bibs and bobs of your backyard fun. Whether its toys for boys, swirls for girls, or oodles of noodles, our AquaFun range is guaranteed to delight and excite. Come and explore and range today