Dive into Affordable Luxury: Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

Dive into Affordable Luxury: Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

Ah, the dream of owning a personal oasis—a swimming pool right in your backyard! For many, it’s a fantasy that seems far from reach, especially when the budget tightens its grip. But hold that thought; it's not only possible but also more attainable than you ever imagined. With an array of budget-friendly options on the market, your dream backyard pool is just a decision away. Today, we'll explore an array of backyard pool ideas on a budget and explain why Stern’s Pools could be the dream-come-true you've been waiting for.

Why Opt for a Backyard Swimming Pool?

Family-Friendly Fun

Ever fantasised about hosting the perfect pool party or spending quality time with your family right in your backyard? A backyard pool transforms your outdoor space into an endless playground. Dive into pool games, host epic pool parties, or simply splash around with your kids. With your very own pool, the possibilities for family fun are endless.

Beat the Summer Heat and Beyond

We've all been there: it's a hot summer day, and all you want to do is take a refreshing dip. Now imagine having that luxury a few steps away from your living room. No more trips to the crowded public swimming pool; it's just you and your backyard paradise. And don't forget, a heated pool can also offer winter relaxation!

Health Benefits: Your Pool, Your Gym

Think beyond leisure; your swimming pool can double as your new fitness hub. Swimming laps, water aerobics, and even simple water games can burn calories and improve cardiovascular health. If mental wellness is your goal, the soothing waters can work wonders to reduce stress.

Dive into Affordable Luxury: Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

Types of Budget-Friendly Pools

Above-Ground Pools: The Economical Choice

When it comes to backyard pool ideas on a budget, above-ground pools often steal the spotlight. Sitting conveniently at ground level, they come without the extra fuss or expense of excavation. Stern’s Pools specialises in above-ground pools that are not only easy on the wallet but are also swift to install. You could have your own pool up and running in no time! One of the standout features of an above-ground pool is its portability. Planning to move? No worries; your pool can relocate with you.

Benefits Of An Above-Ground Pool

Maximising Backyard Area

So, you’ve opted for an above-ground pool. A great choice for a small backyard or those wanting to maximise their backyard area. But why stop there? Transform your basic pool into an extraordinary entertainment hub. Consider adding a wooden deck around your pool. Visualise comfy seating arrangements and a fire pit to warm up the cold nights.

Safety and Above-Ground Pools

What’s often overlooked in the excitement of installing a new above-ground pool is safety. Stern’s Pools ensures that your pool meets all the safety standards and local council regulations, so you can swim without worry.

Budget-Friendly Maintenance

One of the undeniable advantages of above-ground pools is their easy maintenance. With fewer complexities than other pools, you're likely to spend less time and money on upkeep.

Semi In-ground Pools: Best of Both Worlds

When you can't decide between the charm of an in-ground pool and the cost-effectiveness of an above-ground one, why not settle for a compromise? Semi in-ground pools are gaining traction for their ability to offer the best of both worlds. Stern’s Pools has an impressive range of semi in-ground options, designed to suit uneven terrains and even hillside landscapes. You can go as grand as adding wooden decks, water features like deck jets, or a captivating rocky waterfall to mimic the extravagance of a high-end resort.

Benefits Of A Semi In-Ground Pool

Versatility in Design and Functionality

The real genius of Stern's semi in-ground pools is their unparalleled versatility. Whether your home is on uneven terrain or a sloping hillside, these pools can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Cost-Effective Luxury

Semi in-ground pools offer a taste of the high-end luxuries associated with fully in-ground pools—like the possibility of adding decking or water features—but at a much more accessible price point.

Quick Installation

Due to their semi in-ground nature, these pools generally require less excavation than traditional in-ground pools, speeding up the installation process and getting you into your new pool faster.

In-Ground Pools: The Luxurious Affair

If you're willing to stretch your budget just a tad more, Stern's in-ground pools offer an unparalleled experience. They come with a higher upfront cost but provide a luxurious look and feel. 

Benefits Of An Above Ground Pool


While in-ground pools are often viewed as a luxury, they can also be designed to be sustainable. From energy-efficient pumps to solar heating options, your pool can be as green as it is lavish.


Increase in Property Value

In-ground pools are a long-term investment that often increases the value of your property. Stern's high-quality construction ensures your pool will be an asset for years to come, making it a wise financial decision as well.

Plunge Pools: The Ideal Choice for Small Spaces

Space constraints shouldn't deter you from owning a pool. Plunge pools, although not offered by Stern’s, offer a convenient and elegant solution. Small yet deep enough for a refreshing dip, they can fit into limited spaces without making your backyard feel cramped.

Benefits Of A Plunge Pool

Space Efficiency

A plunge pool is perfect for homeowners who have limited space. Despite their compact size, they offer ample depth for a refreshing dip, making them an efficient use of limited real estate.

Lower Operating Costs

Smaller pools require less water, fewer chemicals, and less electricity to pump and heat the water. This translates to lower ongoing costs when compared to larger pools.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Plunge pools can be easily integrated into your existing landscape. Their small size allows for more aesthetic flexibility, letting you complement the pool with surrounding decks, plants, or even water features to create a cosy, picturesque scene.

Stock Tank Pools

If you're a DIY enthusiast, stock tank pools offer a rustic, budget-friendly approach to backyard pools. Quick to set up and easy to maintain, they're a creative option that's also light on the wallet.

Benefits Of Stock Tank Pools


Stock tank pools are highly budget-friendly. Typically made from galvanised metal or plastic, the materials are cheaper and the setup costs are low, making this a suitable option for those on a tight budget.

Easy to Install and Relocate

These pools can often be set up in a day and can easily be moved or removed, offering flexibility that other pool types may not offer.

Rustic Appeal

If you're a fan of the rustic or farmhouse style, a stock tank pool will fit right in with your outdoor decor.

Container Pools

Thinking outside the box—by putting a pool in a box! Container pools, made from repurposed shipping containers, offer an eco-friendly and trendy choice.

Benefits Of Container Pools


Container pools repurpose old shipping containers, making them an eco-friendly choice. They are an excellent example of upcycling, turning what would be waste into a functional and attractive feature.


If you decide to move, your pool can come with you. These containers can be relocated relatively easily, offering a level of mobility that most other pools can't match.

Inflatable Pools

If even that is beyond your budget or you're just looking for a temporary solution, inflatable pools bring the water fun right to your doorstep. Though primarily aimed at children, there are larger, more durable options available for adults too.

Benefits Of Inflatable Pools

Minimal Commitment

Inflatable pools require the least commitment. They can be easily set up, taken down, and stored away, making them ideal for those who aren't ready to commit to a permanent structure.

Low Cost

The upfront cost of an inflatable pool is often very low. This makes it a great entry point for those who are new to pool ownership and are unsure of how much they would use a more permanent pool.


Inflatable pools come in various sizes, and many are perfect for children. Some even come with built-in slides, fountains, and other features that kids love.

Design and Landscaping: Turn Your Pool into a Paradise

Designing your pool area is where your creativity can shine. Even budget-friendly pools can be made to look upscale with the right elements.

Water Features

Deck jets, waterfalls, fountains, and even underwater lighting can turn a basic pool into a luxurious retreat.

Budget Landscaping

With Stern’s Pools, you don’t need an extravagant budget for landscaping. Native plants, strategically placed rocks, or even a vertical garden on a backyard wall can create a relaxing, lush atmosphere.

Important Considerations

Pool Installation and Compliance

Trust Stern's for professional installation services. Their team ensures that your pool is installed following local regulations, saving you future headaches.

Ongoing Maintenance

Pools require regular upkeep. From water treatment to cleaning, Stern’s offers guidance on keeping your pool in pristine condition.

Why Stern's Pools?

Quality Assurance

Stern's Pools is a name you can trust. Their pools are built to last, using only the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Customisation and Flexibility

Your pool, your way. Stern's offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and additional features, giving you the freedom to design your dream pool.

Top-notch Customer Service

From the moment you begin planning to long after your pool is installed, Stern's dedicated customer service is just a call away, ready to assist with any concerns or questions you might have.


Dreams of owning a luxurious backyard pool aren’t just for the wealthy; they are well within reach for anyone who knows where to look. Stern’s Pools offers a range of affordable options  without compromising on quality or aesthetics, explore the range of above-ground, semi in-ground and in-ground pools. With their incredible range of products and commitment to customer satisfaction, you're not just investing in a pool but in years of joy, relaxation, and family memories.

Don't let budget constraints keep you from enjoying your slice of paradise. Dive into affordable luxury today with Stern's Pools.

And there you have it! A comprehensive guide to choosing and enjoying a budget-friendly pool, tailor-made for your backyard space.