How To Increase Your Backyard Fun

How to increase your backyard fun

How many of you have stood looking at your backyard in despair? Wishing for a pool but instead being confronted by a mass of unattended plants, weathered furniture, an obligatory washing line weighed down by tons of clothing and perhaps an overgrown vegetable patch from last year’s new year resolution? Sound familiar?

Sadly this is the reflection of many gardens, where your imagination stops short of seeing the big picture, where if you head back to basics with some clever planning, the result could be an oasis of backyard fun with a pool to boot! What follows is a plan for just that fun right to your doorstep.

Above-ground pool vs In-ground pool

When designing your backyard around a pool, one of your first considerations is the lay of the land. Is it level, raised, sloped? How big an area do you have? What is your budget? All these play an important factor in deciding the type of pool to be installed.

Above-ground pools are inherently easier, cheaper and quicker to install than in-ground pools, adding to the increased popularity of these types of pools.  Here’s why...

Modular design

Being modular in nature, above-ground pools come prepacked in pre-made panels that can be configured to create pools of different sizes, shapes and depths. This is particularly advantageous where space is limited and makes them a very versatile option.

Fast Installation

As above-ground pools sit on level ground, as opposed to being sunken beneath the ground, this makes the installation process very quick. Installation can take between 48 - 72 hours depending on your back yard and any pre-preparation needed for the levelling of the ground. This is in stark contrast to the installation of in-ground pools which can take anywhere between 16 - 20 weeks due to the amount of excavation required.

Cost Effective

Above-ground pools are by far the most inexpensive type of pool to install. Due to their ease of installation coupled with no excavation costs, this makes it an attractive consideration, especially when you consider their added portability. When you move, they move with you!

Pool fencing 

Although pool fencing is required by law for safety reasons, this can certainly be designed to maximize the view rather than hinder it. 

Choose from palisade fencing (the most inexpensive way of securing your pool area), to semi frameless and frameless glass (the most expensive option), all of which can be custom designed to suit your needs. Be sure your fencing meets the Australian Standards in terms of gate regulations, height and non climbable zones.

Pool decking

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful deck to enhance the style of your pool. It gives it a finishing touch as well as provides additional space for your friends and family to enjoy the outdoors. There are many type of decking styles to choose from including:

  • Timber: the most common decking material, but requiring the most maintenance. 
  • Composite decking: increasing in popularity over the years due to it being cost effective, durable and providing the natural look of timber.

Both the above are used extensively for above-ground pools as a means to provide an additional entertainment area

  • Stone Paving: most suited to in-ground pools and loved for their strength, beauty and low maintenance qualities 

If deciding to build the deck yourself as a DIY project, ensure you have the correct tools and materials, seek the necessary council permits, and get it checked by someone with sound technical or construction knowledge.

Patio & Pergolas

Including a patio as part of your outdoor living space is something to be enjoyed throughout the year. For many this includes a pergola to provide shade whilst enjoying the hot Australian summers or alternatively a protected area during rain. Either way it allows your indoor living to extend to the open and for many homeowners is considered a desirable upgrade to their homes.

And for the ultimate in backyard living, by incorporating a bbq area into even the smallest backyard will allow you to enjoy afternoons and evenings of al fresco dining!